Innovative management of Acacia senegal trees to improve resource productivity and gum arabic production in arid and semi-arid sub-Saharan Africa (ACACIAGUM

This is mainly a research type of project developed under the overall coordination of CIRAD Foret and funded by EU INCO-DEV programme. Cameroon, Kenya, Niger and Senegal are the participating countries. 

The project started in July 2007 and will run for four years The specific objectives of the ACACIAGUM project include: 

  1. Documentation of traditional ecological knowledge on the management of A. senegal resources for various uses 
  2. Identification of existing marketing networks and development of suitable trade chains for enhanced benefit sharing, especially among the target rural communities 
  3. Understanding tree eco-physiology in relation to gum yield and quality 
  4. Evaluation of genetic diversity in relation to gum yield and quality 
  5. Understanding tree-soil interactions for improved gum quality and rehabilitation of degraded sites 
  6. Dissemination of relevant information for informed decision making and better outcomes by target groups 

Each of the six objectives above has been elaborated into work packages and NGARA is participating as one of the partners and taking a lead role in the objective/work package (WP6) on information dissemination and transfer of technologies.

The National Project Coordinators (NPCs) of the Acacia Operation Project (AOP) in Kenya, Niger and Senegal have been included in the initiatives and have been requested to establish synergies with FAO/AOP initiative. A kick-off meeting was held in Montpellier France in the second week of November 2007.

At this meeting it was decided that CIRAD and NGARA work together in developing a website for the project where information about the project and other related information will be posted. This is still under construction and the website address will be given once it is finalized. 

A regional workshop is scheduled to be held in Kenya, Isiolo District in the last week of November 2008

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