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Production and Quality Control of Gum Arabic and Resins in Africa

FAO-NGARA Project on Production and Quality Control of Gum Arabic and Resins in Africa (TCP/RAF/2914).
NGARA successfully implemented the FAO funded TCP/RAF/2914 project with the following objectives:

1. Generate information and develop databases on production and marketing of gum and resin resources.
2. Provide training in gum and resin production and primary quality control. Transfer of appropriate technologies to add value to exported products.
3. Establish appropriate systems at national and regional level for an ongoing resource assessment and control.

It was implemented in 12 NGARA member countries and some of the key achievements of the TCP project are:
1.1 Generation and Exchange of Information nationally, regionally and internationally Focal points – established in 13 countries and communication enhanced through; Emails and NGARA Website www.ngara.org.

1.2 Production of publications in both English and French entitled;
1. Gum trees and Gum Arabic Manual
2. Production and Marketing of Gum Arabic
3. Production and Marketing of Gum Resins: Frankincense, Myrrh and Opoponax Production and Marketing of Gum Arabic
4. Regional Master Plan for Training
5. Report on international symposium on gum arabic held in Tunisia
6. Brochures, Posters and CDs

1.3 Development of Training Material and training based on Training Master Plan 9 countries have trained 200 participants in aspects of gum production and quality control based on the Regional Training Master Plan.

1.4 Development of National and Regional Databases Databases have been developed nationally in member countries and these databases harmonized to establish a regional database structure. 1.5 Resources Assessment and Mapping.

To undertake the resource assessment and mapping in member countries two organizations were contracted by FAO namely; Regional Center for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) Nairobi, Kenya for Eastern Africa, and Centre de Suivi Ecologique (CSE), Dakar, Senegal for Western Africa. Probability maps were generated for gums and resin producing species in Eastern and Western Africa using high resolution satellite imagery, GIS and GPS technologies.