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The purpose of the NGARA databases is to provide relevant, accurate and up to date information on gum and resin producing species and related information including information on products, use, producers, key players, domestic and export markets, trade and pricing nationally, regionally and internationally.

Benefits of NGARA Databases:
1. Be an invaluable tool for storing large amounts of data on gums and resins, in a structured and organised way and available at one location.
2. Provide useful answers to questions using the stored data
3. Provide various outputs in the form of tables, forms, information sheets, reports and in different formats of presentation to suit the user
4. Provide summaries of selected contents of the database
5. To generate information and develop the national databases on production and marketing of gum and resin resources, a National Database Consultant was recruited by each of the NGARA member countries to design and elaborate a national database and provide reports on the status of resources, areas of production, marketing and quality control of gums and resins.

Each country designed the database to suit their needs, taking into consideration the diversity of conditions and characteristics of the gum and resin sector in their country. A publication is being prepared in the NGARA Publication Series entitled Development of NGARA National and Regional Databases and will be posted on the NGARA Publications page