The NGARA website has generated a lot of interest with many visitors to the site seeking information on gums and resins in Africa and related information. We have incorporated the numerous comments of visitors, our partners and NGARA members to the site and redesigned the NGARA Website to include the following; 

  1. Information on the current NGARA projects being implemented in the member countries 
  2. Updates on activities in the member country pages on the country specific pages. Information has been uploaded on the Kenya country pages to include updates on the Acacia Operation Project activities and synergies initiated with other projects. On the Uganda country page, information has been posted on the NGARA Uganda Program on Gum Arabic, Aloe And Allied Dryland Resources, which is an initiative of H.E., the President of Uganda.

    Other NGARA Member countries are requested to send in country specific information on project activities or information related to natural gums and resins to for uploading to their country pages. 

  3. A Feed-Back Form to allow visitors to the site to send their comments or information that they want on the NGARA website. This information will be very useful to improve the NGARA website and post relevant and up-to-date information

The comments received will be incorporated and we will strive to update the website regularly.

The website is now easier to navigate and quick to load making it easier to access the relevant information.

NGARA Executive Secretary / Information and Data Base Manager

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