Updated NGARA Website

Dear Colleagues,
This is further to my email below. I am happy to inform you that we are continuing to improve provision of information to our members and partners through our website, A special achievement is the development of the French mirror version, thanks to our colleagues Ms. Justine Elongo (Bilingual Secretary) and Mr. Maisharou Abdou (Francophone Focal Point) for the splendid work. I would like to ask our francophone colleagues to look at it and give us a feedback.

Additionally, you will notice that the current website has a new design showing the resources and commodities, which are the hallmark of the network. The website is also fast loading.

Colleagues, each country has a country web page, which needs to be loaded with country specific information. Please visit the Kenya and Uganda country web pages and see the type of information uploaded. Niger and Nigeria are working on their material and we would like to encourage and request you (Focal Points) to do likewise. You can start by sharing some results from TCP/RAF/2914 and/for GTFS/RAF/387/ITA as well as any recent activities in your countries related to gums, gum resins or allied dry land resources. Many people visiting NGARA website are asking us about some information on your countries. By the way, there is a lot of interest out there about the NGARA website from the numbers of inquiries we are receiving and I would like to encourage you to put your countries on the regional and international map, if your wish.


Ben Chikamai

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