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Development of Aromatic Resins and Commercial Gums in Northern Somalia
(Somaliland and Puntland)

FAO, through the Somali country office [Special Emergency Programme Services (TCES)] implemented a project "Community Based Local Economic Development of Somaliland and Puntland" with the aim of contributing to sustainable economic growth of the two states, leading to the creation of new sustainable and livelihood opportunities. The project aimed at developing the potential of aromatic resins and commercial gums for the sustainable economic growth and diversification of the two states leading to the creation of new job and livelihood opportunities.

To implement this project, FAO collaborated with NGARA and its partners in carrying out an appraisal of the aromatic resins and gum arabic sub sector and mapping and inventory of the resources. The aromatic resins and gum arabic resources were identified, mapped and inventoried and appropriate management practices for sustainable production and enhanced quality control proposed. Additionally, an appraisal of the current production, quality control practices and stakeholders has been carried out.

Results of the appraisal of the aromatic resins and commercial gums sub-sector as well as mapping and inventory of the resources in Somaliland (and to some extent Puntland) revealed that the Sub-Sector has potential of improving livelihoods of the rural-communities and economy of the two states, which can assist them reclaim most of the status they enjoyed before the civil war. The potential production of frankincense in Somaliland stands at about 316 MT while for myrrh it is 1640 MT.

A follow-up initiative to pilot some of the management options recommended from the above project focusing on improving the livelihoods of selected rural communities in Somaliland and indirectly contribute to the economy of the State is currently being implemented with the following objectives;

1. Appraisal of Sub sector & Stakeholder Analysis
2. Mapping & Development of Management Plans
3. Capacity building of Interest groups in sound harvesting/post harvest handling and entrepreneurship.
4. Establish suitable infrastructure established at suitable sites for improved production and quality control.


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