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Strengthening Capacity for Production and Trade in Gums and Resins in Africa

I am happy to inform our customers that NGARA is implementing a new initiative “Strengthening Capacity among Stakeholders for Production and Trade in Gums and Resins in Africa” supported by the African Forest Forum (AFF) through funding from the Swiss Agency for Development (SDC). The project, which will be implemented in four NGARA member countries of Burkina Faso, Kenya, Niger and Tanzania will generate information on the status of production and trade focusing on the analysis of the value chain, key players in the sector and their level of knowledge, and the enabling environment by examining existing policies and laws in the countries. The information generated is intended to help formulate intervention measures in the development of the sector in the member countries and region as a contribution to the improvement of livelihoods and conservation of the environment in mitigating effects of climate change. Additionally, it will contribute to implementing the AFF programme on “African Forests, People and Climate Change” and some of the result areas of the NGARA strategy “Overview and Framework of Priorities 2017-2030”.

The above initiative started in March 2019 when a harmonization workshop was held in Mombasa, Kenya that brought together experts from the implementing countries who discussed and harmonized methodologies with regard to activities, expected results and time frame and generated a work plan. Inception reports have been produced and approved by NGARA and AFF secretariats and implementation in the implementing countries is on-going. The project will run until December 2021. We will keep you updated on the progress and specific outputs will be posted on this website as they become available.