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Southern Sudan is endowed with a diversity of natural forest and woodland resources. Among the non timber forest products, Gum acacia is the most important as it has sustained the Sudanese economy for a long time. The gum belt in Southern Sudan runs across from Eastern Equatoria State, Central Equatoria State, North Barhl El Ghazal State, Warrap State, Unity State, Jonglei State to Upper Nile State.

Gum acacia is a seasonal product from the widely-growing A. Senegal and A. seyal. Gum acacia is widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries as an emulsifier, stabilizer, texturizer, film former and binder. Gum acacia (gum acacia) has the potential to make significant contributions in alleviating poverty by increasing cash incomes for resource poor agro-pastoral communities living in remote areas in Southern Sudan.

In order to achieve this, SNV hired a team of two consultants in the framework of NGARA to conduct a situational analysis of the sub-sector assisted by national staff (from GOSS-MAF and SNV). The study focused on three states namely: Upper Nile State (UNS), North Barhl El Ghazal State (NBEGS) and Eastern Equatoria State (EES). The situational analysis was done in a participatory manner so as to get inputs from all actors in the value chain. There were some limitations for the study, key among them being: insecurity, short duration for the wide area covered, few sampling points and a small number of respondents.

Despite the limitations, a number of important findings were obtained and reported. Gum acacia from Southern Sudan is produced by two main species, A. senegal (L.) Willd var. senegal and A. seyal Del var. seyal. A short description and distribution for each species is given in the report. The study estimates the potential annual production of Gum acacia from Southern Sudan at 6,541.2 –15,580.3 MT which translates to an annual export value of US $ 12,428,280 -25, 850,300.

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