Ongoing Projects

Bolstering Resilience and Livelihoods: Strengthening Non Timber Forest Products in Baringo County - Project Brief

The project “Bolstering Resilience and Livelihoods: Strengthening Non Timber Forest Products in Baringo County” is funded by The TerraFund for AFR100” Project that is funded by a consortium of partners through the “World Resources Institute (WRI)” and “The One Tree Planted” organization for the NGOs compoent. Read More

Completed Projects

Development of Gum Arabic, Aloe & Allied dryland resources in Karamoja Region, Uganda

The project was an initiative by the President through the AGOA office to empower local people in Karamoja Region improve livelihood from natural resources and mitigate insecurity. The project was undertaken between July 2006 and March 2008. The major activities involved identification of commercially viable tree/plant resources in the region, mapping and assessment of the resources and market intelligence.

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Food for Asset

Food for Assets funded by the World Food Programme and Assisting communities at the Acacia Operation Project (AOP) field sites.
In Kenya, the Acacia Operation Project (AOP) is working with the communities at the project sites through Project Management Committees (PMCs). The original idea of AOP was to have the communities contribute to the project in the form of land and labor. Read More...

Acacia Operation Project (AOP)

In collaboration with FAO NGARA implemented the “Acacia Operation Project (AOP) – Support to Food Security, Poverty Alleviation and Soil Degradation Control in the Gums and Resins Producer Countries with funds from the government of Italy through FAO” implemented from January 2004 – May 2006 with a cost extension up to August 2008 and thereafter a no cost extension until June 2010. The AOP had three components Read More...