22nd AFWC and 6th Forestry and wildlife week where NGARA jointly participated with AFF in a side event.
June 17, 2020

In the Twenty-second Session of the African Forestry and Wildlife Commission (AFWC22) and the Sixth African Forestry and Wildlife Week (AFWW6), hosted by the Government…Read more

Inception workshop for the GCF formulation cum FAO-NGARA project in Kumasi
June 17, 2020

During the Kumasi workshop held from February 10-14, 2020 with the Theme of ” Scaling-Up Resilience in Africa’s Great Green Wall (SURAGGWA):  Capacity development and…Read more

Jamaica’s REDD+ journey gets financial boost
May 7, 2020

Jamaica’s journey to REDD+ readiness has been made easier through the receipt of funds under the Green Climate Fund’s (GCF) REDD+ Readiness Support and Preparatory Grant valued…Read more