22nd AFWC and 6th Forestry and wildlife week where NGARA jointly participated with AFF in a side event.

In the Twenty-second Session of the African Forestry and Wildlife Commission (AFWC22) and the Sixth African Forestry and Wildlife Week (AFWW6), hosted by the Government of the Republic of South Africa, in Skukuza, Mpumalanga, South Africa, from 9 to 13 March 2020, NGARA facilitated participation of Heads of Forestry institutions from Six countries under the LOA with FAO. Additionally, NGARA jointly organized with AFF a side event with the theme “Sustainable Business Models for Tree-based Value Chains in Sub-Saharan Africa:  Charcoal, Gums and Resins” held on March 10th and presented on “Potential Contribution of Gums and Resins” To Socio-Ecological Resilience in the African Drylands.